COVID-19 Measures

While COVID-19 is still a significant issue in Scotland and the UK, our health and that of our guests is our top priority. In line with government guidelines and our own policies, we have put the following measures in place to help prevent the spread of the virus:


  • We are only letting 2 rooms, or accepting a maximum of 4 guests, to allow for social distancing (unless a family/group – please phone for details).
  • All books, games, puzzles and other shared items have been removed from the communal area.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided at the entrance and is to be used by everyone entering the property.
  • All touch points in communal areas are disinfected regularly.
  • Face masks to be worn in communal areas when other people are present, if possible.
  • To keep face-to-face contact to a minimum some communication with guests is via mobile phone/text/social media.


  • We never enter a bedroom when a guest is present.
  • To avoid contact with guests’ belongings, where possible we do not enter bedrooms at any time during their stay. This means we do not clean rooms/bathrooms or change towels/bedding for stays of less than a week, unless requested. (This is in line with our normal policy to provide privacy and minimise waste and energy.) Alternatively, we can provide guests with cleaning products and disposable gloves etc should they wish to clean the room themselves.
  • Hospitality tray – clean cups/glasses/spoons and additional tea/coffee etc are provided on request and collected from the dining room.
  • All parts of bedrooms and bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between stays.


  • When more than one set of guests is at the property, breakfast is served at staggered times agreed before arrival.
  • To ensure social distancing, breakfast orders are taken in advance and the food is placed on a nearby table if guests are already seated.
  • All food is served individually – there is no self-service of breakfast items such as cereal and fruit.

What we ask of guests

– do not come to the property if you have any symptoms of COVID-19
– inform us immediately if you develop any symptoms during your stay, so we can tell you what to do next
– observe social distancing rules, paying particular attention when entering the property and coming out of bedrooms
– use hand sanitiser every time you enter the property and, if possible, wear face masks in communal areas when other guests are present
– ensure you are aware of any COVID-19 rules that apply in Scotland.

These measures will be reviewed on a regular basis and may change in line with any further government guidelines.

Please bear with us during this difficult time. Our aim is to make your stay as comfortable and ‘normal’ as possible, while keeping the risk of infection low.